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At the time of this website's operation (2006-2009) these were some of the key researchers.

danah boyd

A MySpace ethnographer and long time SNS researcher danah started kicking around watching the development of SNS back in the beginning with Friendster. She started studying youth (teen) culture around the time of the MySpace tipping point and has been an expert and bit of a celebrity ever since. She's had a hand in the formation of some of the modern SNS and continues to study the impacts of MySpace on teen culture. She'll be soon to finish her PhD in the School of Information at the University of California in Berkeley. Like all good internet scholars she runs a blog, apophenia.

Fred Stutzman

Perhaps the best known Facebook scholar, Fred Stutzman, orchestrates the blog Unit Structures and deals with all manner of CMC and social computing related topics. He seems to have become a current quantitative social science expert on Facebook and plans to claim his PhD in 2008 from the University of Northern California.

Nicole Elison

Like Cliff, Nicole is one of the only professor-level researchers looking at Social Capital and Social Network Services. She also studies online representation of the self and the use of technology tools in the classroom. More information is available on her website.

Cliff Lampe

As ripped from his website Cliff is interested in the structure and effects of many-to-many interactions that occur online. These interactions can take the form of email distribution lists, Web discussion systems, massively multi-player online role-playing games, Usenet newsgroups and more. These flora of interactions are interesting to me because they involve elements of self-governance in an environment with few cues that we normally depend on. Online communities I have worked with most are Slashdot, Everything2, and Facebook. He also specializes in digital Social Capital and online communities for doing good.

HP Information Dynamics Lab (Scott Golder)

A subset of the HP Labs research group, the Information Dynamics lab works with distributed knowledge, social organizations, and novel economic mechanisms. Scott Golder and other members of their team conducted a thorough study on the rhythms of social interaction on Facebook.

See more of their research

Facebook Media

Though nobody has formally collected it together, there's a lot of funny video media having to do with Facebook out there. I've listed what I feel are the three best below:

Facebook Links

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