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Do you use / how do you personally use: Groups (join/create), Status, Events (join/create), or Applications?

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Respondent 2

full text of transcription

I: It was pretty plain.  I used to compare it to MySpace, I guess, cause I know a lot of people on MySpace, and I know MySpace has got the blog and you put the music on it, but Facebook was kinda plain, you look at someone’s wall and their pictures, there weren’t those applications, like making the babies.

J: I’ve never heard of the making the babies application, there’s a making babies application?

I: Yeah you can make a baby, have a baby.

J: Is it like one of those digital pet things that little kids used to get? 

I:It’s like a little kid, sitting there, and like if you want it to be a boy, you can make it a boy, you design your child, basically.

J: Do you pick out a picture or something?

I: No it’s just a cartoon or something. See I don’t even know, I just see it on people’s pages, you can see the people’s names, who gave it attention, the aunties, uncles, and dads. You have to have a child on Facebook, you have to have a child on your profile, to play with the child.

J: I had heard of the Fluff friends, but this is news to me.  


J: So then what do you do on Facebook, you’ve already talked a little bit about this, but think about each item. Do you use the status updates, for instance, up at the top?

I:I change my status, every day, most every day.

J: When you’re updating your status, is it like how I’m feeling today or like literally I’m at the intersection between Goodwin and Green and I’m looking for a bus, what’s it like?

I:Most of the time it’s like what’s going on, so like oh I’m having trouble… [garbled] but like when I got back on Facebook my status was like [interviewee name] is back by popular demand, I know you guys missed me, I’m sorry. Yeah.  Today is gonna be [interviewee] is gonna hit the books, ready for finals, like it’s just whatever is going on

J: So in a general way?


J: So what about the wall?

I:Yeah, I write on—I really don’t write on people’s walls unless it’s their birthday, to send them a message, but if somebody writes on my wall I write back on theirs. Facebook is so like, public, everybody is on your wall, “who you talking to, talking about…” but you can’t [garbled] Facebook like the real world.
I know people that took their walls off their page.

J: Really?

I:Yes, so people won’t know who’s writing on their wall, so somebody has to send them a message.

J: So what do you use messaging for then?

I:For what, I don’t anybody who has access to my page to read, or like if somebody messaged me I’d respond to that, but if I like wanted to ask somebody a question… [garbled]


J: What about that chat thing, in the lower right?

I:Yeah just started popping up?  Yeah I don’t really know how to use it, I like clicked on it and people started talking to me on it, it’s like Facebook AIM, right?

J: It’s as far as I can understand, it’s somewhere in between AIM and Facebook messaging, because it interlaces the updates you get, if someone posts to your wall, it’ll tell you down there.

I:Yeah it’ll say 9, and I click on the thing and it pops up and gives a message

J: I think it’s supposed to get you thinking about whatever that little notification is about, if they posted on your wall, you can talk about whatever they said.  But have you been using it?

I:Yeah when people use it, send it to me, I talk back, but I don’t know how to initiate it.  I’ll figure it out before I go home, I got a friend who’s a real Facebook junky, they’ll let me know before I get back.

J: Okay, so the applications thing. Do you use any applications?

I:The poking thing…

J: Well poking isn’t an application, but there’s super poke.

I:yeah like you can give hugs?

J: Yeah

I:Yeah I don’t use that.  But like is the top friends application?

J: Yeah

I:I use the top friends application, a couple of my friends have the my girls application, so I added those applications, I had a lot of applications that I just accepted, and a couple of weeks ago I took all of em off, because they were coming to my phone, like I’m tired of fun wall coming to my phone.  I don’t even have a fun wall anymore, but it’s [garbled]

J: Who are the people who use a lot of applications?

I:I’d have to say the people who don’t have a social life.  People who have very large social lives and academically, they don’t have time to use all of these applications.  It’s a game, or something, the old game, about a buggy and a horse, trails or somethin.

J: Oregon Trail is what you’re thinking of

I:Oh and my friend and she’s an MCB major and she has like a 3.8 and she just sits there and plays Oregon Trail and that’s on her phone and I don’t know, I just don’t have time for that stuff.

J: Okay, so let’s see.  Groups and events? Obviously you get invited to events, you mentioned, do you have a bunch of groups on there?

I:Yeah I have a whole bunch of groups like I’m trying to erase some of them like, there’s this thing where you can only have so many groups, I think I have to have less than a hundred groups to have more.  So I don’t need that - so I leave groups alone, and now a lot of people, a lot of people don’t like the groups you have, because it’s a limit on the groups you can have.

J: News to me, actually, I didn’t know they made a limit.

I:Instead of making groups now people are making just everything events. 

J: If you started joining groups right when you joined Facebook if you kept all of your group since then you’d have a track record of groups, but some people don’t do that—they look over their groups and prune them, they’ll see something and be like “oh this is stupid” and delete it and keep it to just stuff they’re really in or about.  Which are you, more of a history person or a group pruner?

I:I was one of the just the – in all of them, and then I went down and I was like “what am I really in this?” What is this, crazy stuff, what was I thinking when I joined this group? So I started going down on that only because one of my mentors on this campus, she said, she has a new thing, that I am now my profile, and umb, she said because stuff like Facebook and MySpace you can get on there, and people get to see all of the things you’re part of and all of the things you’re acting on another’s profile, and then they think they can see, I know, who this person is even before I meet this person.  So like thinking about that, so what if one of my church members gets on my page and they’re like… what?  Know what I’m sayin?  If I don’t even know I’m in this group, I didn’t click on it, and I’m just in it because… all doin’ they’re readin’ it.

J: So you just like excepted it without reading it and then it ends up on your thing and it might not really be who you are?

I: Exactly

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Respondent 3

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J: Okay, so in terms of your use of Facebook, going back, do you use applications?

I:I’m really into horoscopes so that’s the application I use, and I use the best friends list or something, which like if you click on the person’s photo it just goes into that friend’s profile, and that’s easier, because then you don’t have to go look them up or something.

J:Okay, so what about groups or events?

I:I have a lot of groups on my Facebook.  I just added to my Facebook profile, I don’t really go into it all the time.  I think it’s the same for a lot of people, they just do it because—like example you’re in this organization and they make this Facebook, you add it on, you don’t really go to it.

J: So is the group listing more of a track-record of all of the things you’ve done?

I:That, and it’s also it’s like it relates to you, you’ve had this experience or the same interest maybe?

J: So there’s a lot of representations of your identity in your groups?


I:Do you think there are more of those like inside jokes or something about who you are or those that are like ones where you belong to an organization?

I:I think it’s both, about equal.

J: So then there’s a bunch of groups that connect to offline organizations.  Do you ever see those organizations send messages through those groups?

I:Yeah, I get a lot of messages from the groups I’ve just added.  They’re just doing publicity for events.  Sometimes I just get invites from those groups, too.

J: So do you think that’s a good thing?

I:It depends, like sometimes, if it sounds interesting, I want to do it, so I like the invite.  But then sometimes it’s just kinda like spam mail.

J:Is there anything you ignore in particular, think beyond just groups too.

I:When people add applications they have to send invites to 10 people I think, and that’s a lot.

J:I don’t know if that’s required anymore.

I:It still is, and sometimes I want to add an application but then I have to send it to 10 people and I don’t want to; those are really like spam mail.

J:Do you feel bad when you try to add one and end up sending it to a lot of people?

I:Yeah I usually don’t.


J: Okay, so have you ever created a group?


J: Okay, what was it about?

I: My friends and I we made the like, Lettuce and Tomato group.  My friends and I get together at late night and get lettuce and tomatoes and talk about stuff, like girl talk kinda thing.  The lettuce and tomatoes are free and they are not fattening, so it’s good.  It’s consisted of really best friends, and using that Facebook group we make plans and stuff sometimes.  We even went to Jamaica for Spring break and used that Facebook group.

J:Were there face to face follow ups to that? Or was it all conducted online?

I:It was both.

J: So have you ever created an application of any kind?

I:No, I don’t know how to.

J: So you made an event for the Spring break trip – so you’ve made events before?

I:I’ve made events for like my birthday party and some other parties too.

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Respondent 4

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J: What then do you do on Facebook typically? You’ve already talked about the chat thing and you’re not a fan of wall posting and indicated messaging. There might be some other things on there, what about events or applications?

I:I don’t have I have one application and its not interactive it’s the calendar its just one tiny strip on my profile and I don’t plan on adding any other ones. Um like I said, the Facebook chat thing has been keeping me occupied just lately because its new and just trying it out get some friends um usually on Facebook, just recently because my sister lives in texas, so I don’t get to see her so I went through all her pictures. She’s pregnant, she’s actually like 8 months pregnant so she posts a lot of pictures and shows that and uh just to update family and friends that are around her.

J:ok uh, so what about groups and events?

I:ok, I’ve never posted um an event, and I don’t typically join a lot of groups, but I do find out about a lot of stuff. I get events sent to me, and I’ve never, I don’t think I’ve ever gone to an event that I first heard about on Facebook. It was like, oh yeah I’m having a party, I’ll send you an like ya know an event thingamajigger for Facebook, and if I get an invite that I haven’t already heard about in real life, I kind of disregard it because its like

J: does it matter who that invite comes from?

I:um, not really, like if I don’t know the person or haven’t talked to them, well I guess it does matter cuz I don’t like getting groups or event invites from people that don’t talk to me in real life I know you just sent it to your whole all of your friends. Uh…

J:ok so have you ever created a group?


J:no, ok. Um and then on the note of the groups thing, are you very careful about like pruning groups that you don’t belong to or like listing the history of the groups?


J: You mentioned that you only use one application

I:yeah, I’ve been sent invitations to so many applications, and I always reject them just because I get frustrated looking at people’s pages that just go on and on because they have like 100 bumper stickers or something like that, and I just don’t really see the point to the bumper stickers so much because its like oh somebody sent it to you so its funny between the two of you but its not funny for everyone else like I don’t need to see it when I go to your page. I only have one, and it’s pretty small, and its not like flashing or you don’t play games on it and it doesn’t I don’t know I think its its more of a picture like than a real interactive application so in my mind I think that’s its ok.

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Respondent 5

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J: Do you ever look up specific groups or events or organizations?

I:Yeah if I’m in a group—I’m not really big into the Facebook groups.  I just kind of look at them, I don’t really join them.  I’m trying to think of a group.  I know my cheer leading squad had a group.

J:What about events?

I:Events are cool.  You get the update on you know, when the party starts, when the event is, what’s going on, what you need to wear, what you need to bring.  People talk about it, people RSVP, you know who’s going to it.

J: So it’s helpful?

I:Yeah, it’s kind of cool like that.

J:Alright, well while we’re on this track – what do you think about applications?

I:Applications… yeah…those… I had when I go to someone’s page and you like scroll down 10 minutes and they have like all of this stuff.  I like some of the applications… which ones do I have?  I have Jetman, it’s a pretty addictive, I don’t know if you know what that is.

J:I have no idea what that is.

I:It’s just this game where you press the space bar and it’s this little jet man flying and if he hits the wall he dies.  That’s just like—I dunno, I like playing online games so it’s fun.  I have big photo, which is like you take some of your pictures you really like and they’re big on your profile.  And I have bumper stickers and that’s it.

J:You mentioned having to scroll a lot – why does that bother you?

I:It’s just annoying, I like when Facebooks look really simple and neat and I don’t have to scroll down ten times to get to their wall to write on it.

J:What type of people do you think use a lot of applications?

I:Actually you wouldn’t think it, but a lot of the people that I know that have the applications are the people who don’t really care about Facebook and they just go on and they accept all of those requests for those applications, they just sign on accept them and then sign off.  Like I know my friend from home, she never goes on Facebook, and whenever she does she’s so confused she never knows what she’s doing.  So she just adds what people send to her, and now her page is just filled with a bunch of crap, and she’s like “I don’t know, I don’t care, I don’t really care about Facebook.”


J: Do you feel like you help to create the system – like do you ever make groups?

I:I’ve never made a group—but I did make an even for my friend’s birthday, so yeah that’s like contributing to it and informing people.  I add pictures to it.

J:Have you ever made an application?

I:No, I haven’t done that.

J:Who do you think makes the applications?  Who shapes that side of Facebook?

I:I have no idea who makes those applications.  Like I think it’s just people who have Facebooks and know how to do the codes or whatever to make stuff, but… I don’t know anyone that’s ever…


Can you think of any other things that aren’t clear who makes or controls them?
Well one example I can think of is the status updates, like originally you could pick from a list, like “at a library” or “doing homework” and then they let you type in your own stuff.

J:Well they even removed the ‘is’ part of status.

I:Right!  Now you can put like “wants” or “needs” and sometimes it doesn’t make sense, and some people will just type “is” and it’ll be like [interviewee name] is and it’s creepy.  Or like some people put quotes or inside jokes from last night—they don’t really talk about what they’re doing that moment, they usually talk about what they’re going to do next week.

J: So you think it’s more often a prediction then what’s currently happening?

I:Yeah, it’s usually not like “going out to eat” it’s usually like “oh I can’t wait for Florida next week”

J:What’s the character of the status usually?

I:They have a lot of variety, depends on who you are.  Some people who really like to put their emotions out there will put like “I’m so pissed that this happened.” Or other people will put like “blah blah blah is out” Like they don’t really put anything.

J:Do people use it in ways you don’t expect them to? Like their name and then a quote.

I:Yeah I’ll do that too, I’ll write [interviewee name] is… and then I’ll put like something that my friend said that was really funny.

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Respondent 6

full text of transcription

J: Well then you also mentioned you get information from groups you’re part of, right?


J:What kinds of communities are those from?  Do they connect to communities of any kind?

I:I think it really depends, for me personally.  It really depends on the time, sometimes it will be for—like when I first joined the informatics minor, I checked that relatively often, and it was something new and exciting and so I looked to see if anything was happening.  I check the AAF group on it, because there’s sometimes interesting discussions on.


I:Atheist Agnostics Free Thinkers.  There’s also the American Advertising Federation, which I’m also in, which gets kinda confusing.

J:Ha, have you ever gotten an event invite for one and thought it was for the other?



J: Okay, so going back then to what we were talking about in everyday use.  What different functions do you use?  You already mentioned groups, but what about events or applications?

I:Usually with the events, I don’t make any, but if someone asks me to join one, if I’m gonna do it I’ll join it—it’s nice, before I don’t think you could ignore an event, you had to say something, but now you can just say ignore and it doesn’t show up.  As for applications, I used to use Scrabulous a lot, but now I’ve stopped using that, so now I don’t really use any applications.  There might be some applications on my profile, like a picture or something.  I might have something like that—are those considered applications?

J:Oh, well some of the original Facebook features are now applications, like posted items, but pictures of yourself aren’t.

I:Oh, no not that, it’s like a separate thing that’s on your Facebook page.

J:There are applications that might let you put in HTML code or pictures of best friends.

I:Oh I might have something like that.  I don’t have anything like super poke or with vampires or super wall.  I really hate it when I go to a Facebook page and you don’t know where the wall is.

J: So what about the little status bar at the top, though?

I:Oh, not often, sometimes I do, but then I realize probably nobody looks at it anyway, so I get depressed and clear it.

J:Well they do show up in the newsfeed, people might be looking.

I:I guess they might see it, but not usually.  It was a big deal when they got rid of the “is” though.  Like somebody IM’d me and said “Guess what!  They got rid of the ‘is’!”  I’m like what are you talking about, and she was like “look” and even then I didn’t get it until she explained further.

J:What do you normally indicate with status? More about where you are or inside jokes or something?

I:Usually it is just “is bored” or “has a lot of school work,” or is purposely grammatically incorrect.

J:Okay, so describing occurrences.

I:Yeah, or sometimes it’s a clever pun or something.

J:Alright, so have you ever created a group?

I:Yeah, I created it with someone, does that count?


I:It’s my last name is a real name spelled backwards.  It was me and [name omitted] So my last name backwards is [omitted] and his is [omitted].  So we made that and we just ended up getting a lot of “Lee’s” mostly Asian, it was mostly silly.

J:that’s kinda funny.  So that was just an inside joke with no other purpose?

I:Yeah we were just like “lets make a Facebook group.”  Cause you know, Facebook groups are really either hit or really miss.  Because if it catches everyone goes to it and you have like 200 thousand people.


J: Okay so I already asked about groups, but you haven’t created any applications, right?


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Respondent 7

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J: What are some of the things you do on Facebook?

I:I check my messages, wall posts, comments--picture comments and stuff like that, I make events for our radio show and stuff.  Just to see like people is like “Is there anything going on and stuff? I don’t know let’s check Facebook.”  Because people always post events for parties and stuff.  Everything, all types of events, banquets, graduations, whatever, you’ll find it like, birthday parties, check Facebook for that.

J: So there are events that belong to organizations and stuff as well as social things?

I:Yeah, they usually put it like on the post, it’s like who it belongs to.

J: So you make events for your radio show, how does that work?  Who do you invite?

I:I just invite all of my friends who could listen, at least try to get them to listen.  People I actually talk to, not just strangers, but you know…


J: Okay, so back to the what you do on Facebook stuff.  Do you ever post pictures or do videos?

I:Oh, yeah, yeah, I post pictures, usually my friends, my other friends upload pictures and tag stuff.  We’ve done videos for Halloween like Karaoke, and they’ll tag us in the step shows, they’ll tag us—if they were close by and videotaping.  And umb… yeah I have a lot of pictures on there, pictures I take off my phone.

J:Do you use your phone with Facebook often?

I:Oh you mean the Facebook Mobile?

J:Yeah. You ever done that?

I: Nah, I just upload pictures from my phone. It’s too much.


J: You ever use the status thing up at the top of your page?


J:How do people use that?

I:I mean, some people they just put like “Is studying” or “Is tired”  I try to put creative stuff, like I don’t know, I’d have to think of something.  I put like how I’m feeling or something, but it’s not gonna be pretty plain, like if I can’t think of anything good to put I’ll put nothing at all.

J:Do you ever communicate with it? Like say “I’m going out at 8:00, meet me – somewhere.”?

I:Oh, no, I actually don’t do that, but I know a lot of people that do.  I don’t really do that though, I don’t know…

J:Do you ever use applications?

I:Yeah, I have a lot of applications.  I just added, because my friends forward it to me and they look interesting.  I have like the top friends and the movies… the movie things…

J:Is it like rating movies?

I:yeah, horoscopes and stuff like that, fun wall and all that.

J:Okay.  What are some of the groups you’re part of? How do you go about participating in them?

I:I have a lot of groups on my page.  People will invite me if I know them, or if I support it, I’ll just join it, so I can show on my page.  I don’t really participate in anything—they send messages and stuff but I usually just delete it. 

J:is it like spam or anything?

I:Yeah, kinda, just like junk.

J:Do you tend to accumulate groups and then forget about them and they become a history of you, or do you specifically group prune and get rid of ones you aren’t in or interested in?

I:Well I just kind of join the groups and I have kind of a long list, and I just leave it there.  Sometimes I look to see which groups – I need numbers, and if it’s dumb I’ll leave the group, but usually I don’t do that much.

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Respondent 8

full text of transcription

J: What then do you typically do on Facebook? Do you use the status update feature, for instance?

I:Umb, I don’t use the status ones that much, every now and then I will but I think it’s kind of stupid, Umb, I do upload photos sometimes, you know, all the [inaudible], I write on people’s walls, I do use the bumper sticker application.

J:Okay, so slow this down for a sec.  When you do use the status feature, is it literal like I’m waiting for a bus or more like I’m feeling happy today?

I:It’s more like a feeling, usually, or like, if I’m going home or something I’ll say like “Is going home for winter break” or “Is happy finals are over” I don’t really use it on a day-to-day basis.

J:You mentioned putting up pictures, what type of pictures would you put online?

I:From like formals, and stuff, so I would put up pictures from that, some of just like get-togethers at home or anything.

J: So social events?



J: What about say events, do you ever learn about events going on?  What are those like?

I:It’s usually like an organization, like someone’s having a birthday party or a big event, not just hanging out.

J:Have you ever created an event?

I:No, I actually haven’t.  My sisters always did.


J: Okay, so then in terms of your groups, your group membership – are you a person who collects them, joins over time and then keeps them even if you’re not in them anymore or don’t care, or the type of person who prunes and gets rid of groups you don’t want to have to do with anymore.  Which one illustrates you better?

I:Pruning I guess, the only ones I’ve been in for a while are like the ones from my high school, like my music department which I was heavily involved in and everything.  But I’m other than that it’s mostly just U of I class of 2011 or whatever or one of the groups my friend started, stuff like that.

J:Do you ever check those groups?

I:Not really.


J: What applications have you been using lately?

I:Currently I have like bumper stickers, and then I have my horoscope on there.  I think those are like the only ones that are shown or whatever, you know you can do the show more profile boxes or whatever, and then there are those quizzes you can take, like which sex and the city character are you.  I used to have speed racer or whatever, but that took up ton of my time, so I would just play that instead of studying or something, just trying to get the next car, but then I’ve been trying to cut down on all of the ones that waste my time.

J:Have you ever created a group or an application?

I:No, I haven’t created either ever.

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Respondent 9

full text of transcription

J: So how do events work for you then, have you ever made any events?

I:I never made any events. Or groups or any of that.  I’m guessing it’s fairly simple.  I know some people who aren’t technologically savvy and they do it, and I’m a bit above average so I could probably do it.

J: So do you ever attend events when you get invites.

I:I was about to say once in a while, but rarely.

J:Does it matter who sends you the event?  Like if it’s your best friend?

I:Maybe, but first I want to see the event. It’s a good way to share information, better than a poster on a bulletin board. More people see it.

J:Compared to a poster in a dorm you think it’s more effective?

I:It gives more information than a poster.  The other advantage is that you can see which one of your friends is goin.

J:Is that an important factor in getting you to go, usually?

I:A little bit.

J: So what do you think about groups then?

I:A lot of groups—they try to be try to be proactive, try to be causes, I don’t think they have much effect.

J:What might be an example of a cause that might not be all that effective?

I:Fight against AIDS, fight against cancer, those groups.  Maybe if it’s an event, like if they’re raising money, maybe that could be important, but…

J: So general political causes aren’t effective?

I:Yeah. It’s like if they’re anti this or join this group if you want to—if you believe in… fighting a war.

J:Do you see groups as commonly connecting to real-world organizations?

I:Definitely.  They get the word out.

J:Do you belong to any organizations that have a presence on Facebook?

I:UC Hip Hop Congress.  I sent out a bunch of invites, Illini Breaks, that was part of Hip Hop appreciation week, we had like seven events that week.

J: So you get an invite to an event and then you join and invite other people?



J: Do you ever put pictures up?


J:What would those be from, usually? No specifics.

I:Pictures with my family, or pictures from… [inaudible]

J: So no unifying themes?


J:Any videos or anything like that?

I:Nah, I don’t use too many applications.  Very few.

J:Yeah that was my next question.  So can you think of any?

I:Maybe the music one. I went through a bunch of different music players.  I keep having to change, I think the RIAA takes them down.

J:I hadn’t actually heard about that.

I:They get sued or something because they take ‘em down.

J: I didn’t know, interesting form of resistance.

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Respondent 10

full text of transcription

J: Okay.  So do you have a routine with Facebook at all? Get coffee, get Facebook?

I:So I sometimes wake up 20 minutes before class, which is a lot for me, so if I have like 10 extra minutes—after I’m done, I eat my cereal and check my Facebook. 
We go out creeping on Facebook- I don’t know if you’re heard that, but it’s like I Facebook creep for an hour-


J: So when you’re posting on their wall you know it’s going to be public?

I:Yeah. No, the newsfeed, basically, I feel like—if you just went on you wouldn’t know what to click on with the other people.  You’d just have your own profile and be stuck at your own profile and wouldn’t know where to go unless you like think of “Oh I want to go look at this person” but the newsfeed you can see people put up pictures and then you look at all of their pictures.

J:Did you join before the newsfeed?


J:Do you ever learn about things like groups or clubs?

I:Groups of clubs on campus?

J:Sure, and off campus too.

I:My sorority, they advertise on there. We had like a jean sale, and they made an “Attending the Jeans sale group.” One of my friends is in an Improv group, like they made a profile for the group.

J:What group?


J:Spicy Clamato

I:Yeah! I just signed upon quad day.

J:What about other types of groups and membership?  What other groups do you belong to and what do they tell you about other people?

I:Oh do you mean the groups? I was thinking about groups on campus for a second.  Yeah right, like you can join the basic ones, like I’m in the [dorm name] group, and then I’m in the [sorority name] group and that means I’m a part of—but people are making really weird ones now.  Like this guy, who’s friends with a bunch of my friends. They made one like [person’s name] is a shit show and people joined it and it like talked about the stupid things he did, but it’s like a joke because he’s part of it. They’re just making really weird ones, like about specific people.  They’re just getting more specific.

J: So you’ve seen more specific ones the longer you’ve been around?


J:You already mentioned events, have you ever made an event?

I:No, I don’t know how to do it.  I don’t have events anyway.

J:Do you think you could figure it out if you ever needed to?

I:Yeah probably.


J: Who do you most often keep up with on Facebook?

I:Like talk to?  Girls from home, and then my best friends from here. We all tag each other and stuff in pictures. Basically the only people who write on my wall are my two best friends from home, or like, my friends from here, something funny happened they want to make fun of me, and then like random people you see out one night, they might make a funny comment the next day.  Like on my wall at least.


J: Do you ever watch videos?

I:Yeah I don’t really watch videos.  I did today actually.  They’ve been up on my best friend’s profile for months and then finally I was like “oh I should watch those” but I don’t normally watch them.


J: Ever created any groups or anything like that?


J:No applications?

I:No, [laughs]  People create those applications?


I:thought those were Facebook.

J:Only a few of them are put out by Facebook, that’s why you see ones like Hot or Not or Amazon.

I:Weird, like how you can buy a present for a dollar?

J:Well yes, but that was actually Facebook. They demo’d that before they opened it up as a platform. That was a way of testing how well it could work. There are actually free gifts too.

I:Yeah I’ve done that before. That would be the dumbest dollar ever spent then.  For an online picture?

J:Why is it dumb to spend the dollar online?

I:Cause it’s not anything.  It’s like clipart for a dollar.

J:There’s nothing physical about it?



J: You’ve mentioned the applications you use. Have you ever run into a person’s page that has a ton of applications?

I:Yeah, it’s so annoying.  I think it’s really weird.  Maybe it’s just me but it really bugs me.  Where you have to scroll down—like some people’s you have to scroll down for like 5 minutes, until you get to their wall, because they have like fun wall and all of these things on the side.

J:What types of people have you noticed that do that?

I:I think it depends.  Like the two people I can think of are really different.  Like one is this really popular guy from home and so I thought it was really weird he had all of that stuff and he’s really cool and I really like him.  And then there’s this girl who’s really like talkative and people kind of get annoyed with her sometimes and she’s like really talkative and really outgoing and whenever we’re out she’ll say hi to everyone and she has like every application and tries to get you to join all of the applications.  So they’re like two totally different people but those are the two I can think of.

J: So you’re not surprised by her personality and doing that, but you are surprised by him.

I:Yeah but I’m saying I think it could be anyone.

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