Time Spent on Facebook

How much time do you spend on Facebook?

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Respondent 2

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J: So it’s up all of the time.  How much time do you think you spend on it?

I: Yeah I was uh, thinking about that. So there’s 24 hours in the day… I sleep about 4 hours [I laugh], I’m in class about 8… so other than that I’m on the computer doing work and studying while I’m on Facebook.  So about… 12 hours a day? SO a lot of time.

J: Wow so a lot of time on Facebook.

I: That’s half my day, that’s terrible.

J: It sounds like it’s multitasking though, right?  You’re on, but you’re also doin… whatever else you’re doing.  Some people log on and that’s their [only] activity.

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Respondent 5

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J: So out of this, I would expect most people to be inspired to delete everything and be like “I’m done with this” but it doesn’t sound like you didn’t react that extremely.

I: Yeah I know, I mean I’m not gonna cut my Facebook usage just because one person stalked me.  I mean for a few days afterwards I was so scared of Facebook, I deleted my wall, like I dunno, there were certain things I did, but I just mainly went through all of my friends and deleted half of them. And a lot of my friends did too because they were freaked out by my story.

J: Did the amount of time you spend increase or decrease?

I: Maybe for a week after it happened I was kinda less.

J: How much time do you spend in general?

I: Well every time I log on it’s like for 20 minutes and I probably log on about like 4 or 5 times a day.  Yeah I mean I keep it logged on my computer and I’ll be like doing homework and just like quickly go back to it—I don’t really have set times. I don’t really go on on the weekend because I’m doing things or I’m home or something.

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Respondent 6

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J: Okay, so how much time—and I know this is hard to estimate—do you spend on an average day.  Feel free to say “a lot” or “a little” instead of just minutes or a measurement.

I: Maybe like… 5 minutes?  I mean some days I don’t even check—so. 

J: So it’s an infrequent thing and you’re just there for a little bit?

I: Yeah, but except, it’s either I just check and I look and I’m done or sometimes I get caught up, you know?  I start looking at other things, and then it’s like an hour or so.

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Respondent 7

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J: Okay, okay, so then how much time do you spend on Facebook on an average day?

I: Umb, I don’t know, maybe, a lot?  Maybe like 3 hours a day?  Or 2 and a half mostly?

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Respondent 9

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J: So you check Facebook generally when you’re doing your email.  Is it a long 2 hour session or is it just 4 seconds?

I:Sometimes long, sometimes short.  If I’m checking my email and I see one from Facebook, most of the time I’ll check my email first, you know how it sends you notifications when someone writes on your wall or messes with you? If I don’t see any of those I don’t check Facebook.

J:Do you ever click on the little link in the email and go straight to it?

I:I usually don’t open up the Facebook email, I just go straight to the website and see, but I just found out you can see the messages in your email, so now I do that.

J:About how much time do you think you spend, on an average day, on Facebook?

I:A few hours a week?

J: I know it’s hard to estimate.  So I know you mentioned you’re online, networking, would you feel out of touch if you haven’t been able to log on in a while?

I:Probably, depending.

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Respondent 10

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J: Alright, cool.  So going back to the everyday life thing.  You mentioned you sometimes do Facebook instead of doing homework.  How much time do you think you spend on it in a day?

I:Well some days I’ll only check it twice, for like 3 minutes.  But then some days like—today I had an hour break between classes that I spent on Facebook, and then I spent probably a half hour before I did my homework.  At the most it would be like an hour and a half or two hours, and the least would be like 5 minutes.