Official Research Proposal

The first revision of Jeff's official research proposal for the second phase of the Facebook Project. Downloadable in PDF (941K).

Table of Contents

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Background
    1. Origins of Success
    2. Substantive Influence
  4. Literature Review (and conceptual model)
    1. Science, Technology and Society Theory
      1. Social Construction of Technology
      2. A Progression to ANT
      3. Considerations in Regards to SCOT and ANT
      4. Cyborgs
      5. Permanently Beta
      6. Visualizing Facebook
    2. Influence and Forms of New Media
      1. Normalizing of New Media
      2. Usefulness and Appropriateness of CMC
      3. Implications of Hyper-personal Communication and Anonymity
      4. Growing up Next to the Internet
      5. Social Capital and the Web
      6. Going Beyond New Media
    3. The Digital Divide and Identity on Cyberspace
      1. Mapping Race to Facebook
      2. The Implications of Race and Identity on Facebook
      3. The Chief Debate Reflected on Facebook
  5. Research Model
    1. Connecting Concepts
    2. Conceptualization
  6. Study Design
  7. Quantitative Methodology
    1. Sampling
    2. Survey Structure and Order
    3. Proposed Data Analysis
  8. Conclusion
    1. Discussion
    2. Research and Theory Limitations
    3. Future Research
  9. References
    1. Academic Articles and Book Excerpts
    2. Website References