Affiliate Groups

Several groups related to Jeff's work with the Facebook project at the University of Illinois.


Jeff's current home department, Sociology, will be the program to award his masters. Paper readers and feedback will thus come primarily from several professors of sociology. Sociology provides the basis of the Science and Technology Studies (STS) aspect of the project as well as the connection to race, class, and gender.

Jorge Chapa, Jeff's current advisor for his Masters paper, is the head of the Center on Democracy in a Multiracial Society and currently working for the UIUC Department of Sociology. Professor Lori Kendall, Jeff's transition advisor in GSLIS, studies online community and identity, the social aspects of computing, and gender and technology and is also sitting in as a secondary reader. The last reader is Markus Schulz, whose fields of study include social theory, transnational processes, political imagery, social movements, new media, and research on Latin America.

Library Information Science

Jeff has just begun his PhD in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS), so he's just now making connections. Likely his work with Social Informatics will continue with Caroline Haythornthwaite and Lori Kendall in the coming years.

Science and Technology Studies

An interdisciplinary Science, Technology, and Identity Studies group led by Ray Fouché previously helped to inform the project. Jeff has graciously been invited to sit in as a participant and graduate correspondent. Primarily a think tank and reading group, the STIS committee is a substantial resource.